August 13, 2008

Welcome to the Thunderbird Localization blog

Many of you, who were on the Mozilla Summit already know this, but for those who don't:

After discussion this with Mozilla Messaging's CEO David Ascher and Axel Hecht we have decided that I will be taking responsibility for the coordination of Thunderbird's localization efforts.

That means that from now on, I will be the guy that will communicate to you important stuff like release schedules (more on that in a later post), string freezes, etc. I'll also be doing Thunderbird-related approvals for locales and the related work.

For those, who don't know me yet. I'm a German and have until now already done the l10n coordination work for the Calendar Project and its two applications (Sunbird and the Lightning extension).

Axel, will help me get settled in and will put more focus on his current responsibilities on the technical side (e.g. l10n tools work) and his Firefox-related efforts.

I look forward to working with you guys. If you have any questions or items that you would like to discuss, please add your comments :)

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