September 30, 2008

Thunderbird 3 beta1 renamed to alpha3

Some of you may have already noticed that the next Thunderbird pre-release will not be called beta1, but alpha3 (Source).

From a localizing perspective this does not much make much difference to how things were before this announcement. Everyone, who had a green dashboard as of a few hours earlier (IIRC it were 28 locales), will now be part of the alpha3 release instead of the beta1 release. Nothing will change here.

As for how this affects the overall release plan, this is still being discussed by the Thunderbird developers. I'll update you as soon as the dust clears up.

September 29, 2008

Work to be done for TB3 with an integrated Calendar

Most of you probably know by now, that one of the main goals for TB3 is the full integration of the Lightning calendar extension into the Thunderbird base product. What that means from a l10n perspective is, that every locale that has not supported Lightning until now, will have to translate all the Calendar-specific strings, to make it for TB3.

Fortunately, roughly 2/3 of all current Thunderbird locales are already there. I've set up a tracking sheet to track the progress on this front.

Let me know, if you need more information...

September 24, 2008

Thunderbird 3 beta1 code freeze in place - Please land your l10n changes soon

Now that we're in code freeze for Thunderbird 3 beta1 and are finally nearing the beta1 release, I want our localizers to know that you guys can work on your localization until 23:59 Pacific Date Time (PDT) on Sunday 28th September. After that we will make a hard cut and release beta1 with all languages that are green on the dashboard at that time. Please let me know, if you have issues with this date/time.

Very Late l10n checkin - Automatic Synchronisation Progress String

As mentioned previously, there is one more late-l10n checkin. The good news is that there are no more to go. The bug that Mark Banner (Standard8) just checked in is:

Bug 455812 (nsAutoSyncManager should expose a scriptable XPCOM interface to allow monitor background download operations)

This adds one string into mail/locales/en-US/chrome/messenger/ called "autosyncProgress".

It will be visible on the status bar when our new auto synchronization code for IMAP is working and downloading folders in the background.

September 22, 2008

Thunderbird late-l10n checkin for beta1 - Message Reader Pane

We were hoping to avoid these for Thunderbird beta 1, however, we needed to add one string to Thunderbird, and are expecting to add several more strings in the next day or so.

The bug that Mark Banner (Standard8) checked in yesterday is:

Bug 455801 - Polish changes to message reader for b1

This adds one string into mail/locales/en-US/chrome/messenger/msgHdrViewOverlay.dtd called "showDetailsButton.label".

It is visible on the message reader pane, when you have collapsed the headers (using hide details).

We will ensure that details of the other string checkins are posted as soon as they happen (and they take place as soon as they can). If you want to take a look at them before they happen, they are bug 455812 and bug 455978.

September 17, 2008

More info on Thunderbird 3 beta 1

As said earlier, here is some additional information:

  • Thunderbird 3 beta1 does not yet contain Lightning and does therefore not yet contain any calendar-related strings.

  • We've only frozen mail/ and editor/ui, we can't really ask core to freeze their strings especially with their beta coming up.

  • The code freeze date will be Tuesday 23rd September. We'll cut the release sometime after that once we've had some baking.

    So this means basically that your locales should be ready by that date. Due to not being able to freeze core strings, we're going to be a bit flexible depending on the amount of changes core puts in. We'll see how it goes, and notify you as we move on, but the main target is Tuesday 23rd.

  • We now have available for localizers to use.

    This is a temporary set up, and we're intending it will be merged back into the version at some stage. We don't know if it is fully working or not. It does seem to have updated since yesterday as some locales which were previously passing now have missing strings. Some links may also not work / point folks to the wrong places. If its a real problem (i.e. you can't get to certain data), let us know.

  • We have l10n nightly builds are available in the original location. Tinderboxes aren't reporting to the Mozilla-l10n-* trees yet, but we've asked our build guru gozer to fix that today.

    Nightly builds don't have automatic updates yet. we'll be looking into it, but we don't know if its likely to happen before beta 1 is set up.

  • We welcome any feedback on the new features/strings. We'll be posting more on where to report to later.

Thunderbird 3 beta 1 string freeze now in effect

As Mark Banner points out, Thunderbird is string-frozen for its beta 1 release as of 23:59 PDT yesterday. This means that any l10n strings in the mail/ and editor/ui directories in the comm-central repository are now frozen.

The code freeze for beta 1 will be on Tuesday 23rd September at 23:59 PDT.

There are a number of new features we landed just before the string freeze, some of these still need some polish, more details about them later.

We will be having a test day for beta 1 on Thursday 18th September. It will be covering the new features and checking for any significant regressions before we hit the code freeze date, more details coming soon.

September 3, 2008

Thunderbird 3 beta1 string freeze postponed by two weeks

Yesterday the Thunderbird developers decided to postpone the string freeze for TB beta1 by two weeks due to the large amount of string changes that are still scheduled to land. That means that the release schedule for Thunderbird 3 now looks like this:
  • Planned code freeze dates
      3.0b1               3.0b2               3.0rc1
    2008-09-23 2008-11-18 2009-01-27

  • Planned string freeze dates:
      3.0b1               3.0b2               3.0rc1
    2008-09-16 2008-11-11 2008-12-02

These are planning dates, which may be subject to change (as you've seen).

We still don't have any l10n builds for Thunderbird, but this is expected to change soon, now that the Firefox and SeaMonkey teams have done most of the work in this area already and we just need to copy what they've done :)