September 17, 2008

More info on Thunderbird 3 beta 1

As said earlier, here is some additional information:

  • Thunderbird 3 beta1 does not yet contain Lightning and does therefore not yet contain any calendar-related strings.

  • We've only frozen mail/ and editor/ui, we can't really ask core to freeze their strings especially with their beta coming up.

  • The code freeze date will be Tuesday 23rd September. We'll cut the release sometime after that once we've had some baking.

    So this means basically that your locales should be ready by that date. Due to not being able to freeze core strings, we're going to be a bit flexible depending on the amount of changes core puts in. We'll see how it goes, and notify you as we move on, but the main target is Tuesday 23rd.

  • We now have available for localizers to use.

    This is a temporary set up, and we're intending it will be merged back into the version at some stage. We don't know if it is fully working or not. It does seem to have updated since yesterday as some locales which were previously passing now have missing strings. Some links may also not work / point folks to the wrong places. If its a real problem (i.e. you can't get to certain data), let us know.

  • We have l10n nightly builds are available in the original location. Tinderboxes aren't reporting to the Mozilla-l10n-* trees yet, but we've asked our build guru gozer to fix that today.

    Nightly builds don't have automatic updates yet. we'll be looking into it, but we don't know if its likely to happen before beta 1 is set up.

  • We welcome any feedback on the new features/strings. We'll be posting more on where to report to later.

1 comment:

Pike said...

Wow, interesting stuff. I'm amazed that my stuff works well enough that someone else succeeds in setting it up :-/

I'm wondering, which revision of my code are you running, and patches on top? Is there a mq repo or something for those?