September 29, 2008

Work to be done for TB3 with an integrated Calendar

Most of you probably know by now, that one of the main goals for TB3 is the full integration of the Lightning calendar extension into the Thunderbird base product. What that means from a l10n perspective is, that every locale that has not supported Lightning until now, will have to translate all the Calendar-specific strings, to make it for TB3.

Fortunately, roughly 2/3 of all current Thunderbird locales are already there. I've set up a tracking sheet to track the progress on this front.

Let me know, if you need more information...


Tomer said...

We are currently one of these 15 'winning' locales without Calendar. Does it means that we won't get official 3.0 release if we (or in other words - I) won't finish that just in time? Currently we are ~250-300 strings from Thunderbird finish line, and have about 10% of Sunbird translation finished (a very out of date version I migrated into the Sunbird CVS structure, but still don't have time to work on it further).

What I'm currently missing is l10n.ini file for Calendar component, so I'll be able to use Axel's compare-locales to see how much work have to be made, and what are my translation tasks.

Please note that Hebrew is very complicated language, and making it ship with Calendar will require some changes in the Calendar theme files. As for Thunderbird - We did it in previous versions so I don't see any work to be done there, but we wish we will got the oppertunity to integrate bidiui into Thunderbird3 core, so it will be fully functional mail user-agent for Arabic/Farsi/Hebrew users.

P.S., do you mind changing the blog language to English? It is a bit compicated for me to guess where the "Leave a comment" button is hiding, as it currently in German. Thanks.

Simon said...

Hi Tomer, to answer your first question:
If Lightning gets integrated into Thunderbird 3 (it's planned, but we're not 100% sure, whether we can pull it off in time for TB3 beta2), then an official TB3 release means, that you'll have to translate all mail- and calendar-related strings to make it.

For the l10n.ini stuff, I just opened up bug 457755, so hopefully this will be fixed in a short while.

Tomer said...

We can, for that matter, place the en-us files in the translation, and get it full-translated in a post-3.0 release. Is it acceptable?

Simon said...

Tomer, I can certainly imagine something like a beta release, where you would translate as many strings as possible for TB 3.0, use the en-US strings for the rest, and do the finishing touches until TB 3.0.1 or TB 3.0.2 comes out.

Would that be an acceptable solution for you?