October 26, 2008

Meeting the European l10n community

I'm sitting here in Barcelona at MozCamp Europe 2008 with a lot of the European l10n Localization community and the more I talk to everyone, the more amazed I am of the passion and the energy that everyone has, when it comes to localize not just Firefox, but all the other applications (Thunderbird, Sunbird, etc.) that are out there in the mozilla ecospace.

For example, I spoke with one localizer (I can't remember his locale anymore, as there are so many people I talk to here), who spoke about working on Sunbird, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Firefox in parallel and still having a day job to pay the bills, that I had to wonder, how people do all of that with a day that just has 24 hours :)

One never ceases to be amazed by this community!

October 3, 2008

Thunderbird 3 will be released later (no definitive date yet)

Three days ago, I informed you that Thunderbird 3 beta1 had been renamed to Shredder alpha3. So yesterday we had a Thunderbird drivers meeting to discuss what this all means for the next pre-release (beta1) and the overall release planning.

The outcome of that discussion was, that the earlier plan of releasing a first TB3 release candidate into the wild at the end of January or early February can no longer be kept. There are basically two reasons for this:
  • Firefox 3.1 has been postponed to Mid-February 2009 and we don't want to release TB3 in the middle of THe Fx31 release frenzy

  • We're not as far along with feature work than anticipated
What this means for our localizers is, that we will release Thunderbird 3 no earlier than four weeks after Firefox 3.1 is shipped (so probably around the middle or the end of March 2009). The reason for this is that
  • we don't want to release during a time, when all of Mozilla Corporation's resources (build engineering, IT, etc.) are focussed on Firefox exclusively

  • we want to give localizers enough time to complete their localization work for Thunderbird and not make them choose between localizing Thunderbird 3 or localizing Firefox 3.1
I can't give you an exact date for our planned release date however, as that is still being discussed. Hopefully we will know more after our first beta release is out of the door.