November 15, 2008

String freeze in effect for Thunderbird 3 beta1 release

As of midnight Pacific time yesterday (roughly six and a half hours ago) we're in string freeze for the Thunderbird 3 beta1 release.

This means that any l10n strings in the mail/ and editor/ui/ directories in the comm-central repository are now frozen. Since Firefox is also in string freeze for it 3.1 beta2 release right now the strings in browser/, dom/, netwerk/, security/manager/ and toolkit/ are frozen as well. So we don't need to worry about any breakage that might come from that front.

The code freeze for our beta 1 will be on Tuesday 18th November at 23:59 Pacific time. We'll cut the release sometime after that once we've had some baking. So this means basically that your locales should be ready by that date. I'll open up a opt-in thread for you guys as soon as the code freeze is in effect.

We will be having a test day for beta 1 soon, that will be covering the new features and checking for any significant regressions. More details coming soon.

Please check the dashboard for up-to-date information on the state of your locale. We also have l10n nightly builds available at the regular location.


Fjoerfoks said...

When are we starting to localize the "landing page" or startpage like h

Simon said...

We'll start with figuring out that story once beta1 is out of the door.