November 4, 2008

Updated l10n documentation for Thunderbird - please give feedback

In the past few days, I have actively worked on adding content to and updating the existing content of the Thunderbird l10n documentation page.

I added/updated
  1. a pointer to and an explanation of the l10n dashboard (as already mentioned yesterday)
  2. a pointer to this blog
  3. a pointer to an up-to-date release schedule, which includes the string freeze schedule
  4. a description of the responsibilities of developers during a string freeze and when breaking the string freeze
  5. a first draft of a locale tier structure (based on the Firefox l10n tier structure)
  6. the link to the TB source code in comm-central
I would really appreciate some feedback on this page from the l10n community. What information do you need, that this page or the links provided on that page does not currently offer?

Right now, I know of two areas, which still need work or content:
  • the link to the devmo documentation at the top on how to localize Thunderbird links to outdated content (the old cvs world)
  • the page still lacks content for the localization of web content, that will be created for the final Thunderbird 3 release
If you have any suggestions, please post them here or directly work on the wiki. That's what it is for :)

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