December 1, 2008

38 languages are part of Thunderbird beta1

A little bit over three weeks ago, when I announced the string freeze planning for beta1, I said that I hoped that we could increase our number of supported locales for this release to 30 or maybe even (in the most optimistic case) to 35 locales.

Well, as of now 38 locales (including en-US) have opted in for the Thunderbird 3 beta1 release, thereby totally blowing away my expectations. This is notable, because already with beta1 we're just one locale short of what we had achieved with the Thunderbird 2 final release, which is currently supported by 39 locales (including en-US).

So thanks a lot to everyone in the l10n community. You guys rock!

1 comment:

RickieES said...

It is easy to "rock" with people like you, Simon, as you are always keeping us the localizers in mind (you did it for a long time with Calendar Project and are doing it too with Thunderbird). A big thank you for your work.