February 6, 2009

REMINDER: String freeze for Thunderbird 3 beta2 in four days

Just as a heads up for everyone involved. We're getting nearer to our two proposed string freeze dates. The first date, the so-called "slushy string freeze" will be on Tuesday, February 10 23:59 pacific time. We hope to have all blocker bugs with string impact done by this date. I've talked with the Thunderbird developers about this and they have told me that they will make an effort to get all of those bugs done by next Tuesday.

There's a second line of defense as well, that being our firm string freeze on Tuesday, February 17 23:59 pacific time. All of the bugs with l10n impact that aren't fixed by then and any potential late-l10n bugs will have to be fixed by that date to make the release.

From that point on, localizers will have two full days until Thursday, February 19 23:59 pacific time to get their localization in shape and opt-in for the beta2 release. After that date, we will start with testing our candidate builds and hopefully release Thunderbird 3 beta2 on Tuesday, February 24.

We know that this is a tight schedule, so we believe it would be a sensible approach for all localizers to start working on the remaining missings strings after the "slushy string freeze" and not to wait with all the remaining until the firm freeze.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

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Tomer said...

Please give a little thinking for adding RTL controls to Thunderbird. We would be very happy to see it fully integrated, if not, it will be a good start to pack the extension for RTL locales and get it integrated for next version.