February 23, 2009

Thunderbird 3 Beta2 l10n update

We're in the last stages of the beta2 release cycle for Thunderbird 3, after some last minute l10n checkins. And the good news is that we have more and more locales on board. We will release beta2 in 43 languages, five more than what we achieved with beta1.

Looking back at the whole Thunderbird 3 release cycle, we see a steady increase:
  • Thunderbird 3 alpha1: 1 language
  • Thunderbird 3 alpha2: 12 languages
  • Thunderbird 3 alpha3: 28 languages
  • Thunderbird 3 beta1: 38 languages
  • Thunderbird 3 beta2: 43 languages
This is a great achievement, given that we released Thunderbird 2 with only 38 languages. I want to thank all our localizers for making this happen. I'm now pretty optimistic about breaking the 50 languages barrier in the final Thunderbird 3 release later this year.

Unfortunately we are missing three locales in the beta2 release that were included in the beta1 release, but hopefully we can pick those up again with our next release (beta3) or our final release.


Tomer said...

We will need some help in making the theme more suitable for RTL. Since we are short in manpower we might need some external help. For comparison, see how many bugs we have open for RTL (keyword:rtl) in Firefox.

I would be very happy if we will get rid from most of them, if not all.


Simon said...

Tomer, we can certainly try to help you out, but we need bugs filed for all the major issues for this to happen.

Looking just at the number of bugs with the 'rtl' keyword in Thunderbird right now, everything looks pretty good from the outside.

Fjoerfoks said...

I fired up the latest from 3.0b2-candidates and it opens with the e-mailstartpage.....which can not be found.
Will this be repaired before the final release of 3.0b2?

Simon said...

Yes, it will be repaired.

Russ said...

All these extra languages, and yet EN-GB has been REMOVED?