March 26, 2009

Feedback required: Time needed for TB3 l10n release preparation?

The Thunderbird developers are currently discussing the potential schedule for localizers for the final release of Thunderbird 3, which is currently scheduled to be released somewhere in June or July.

The main issue currently is the overall string freeze date for TB3.

We currently do not have a good feeling on how many string-related changes might still be needed for the final TB3 release. So the question basically comes down to:

"How much time do you need at a minimum before the final release date?"

This question goes mostly to those of you, who have not been part of our alpha or beta releases so far and therefore have a large amountof missing and obsolete strings left. The localizations that are most affected by this are: Danish, English (UK), Gujarati, Macedonian, Mongolian, Slovenian, Turkish, Chinese (Traditional)

So we'd really like to hear from you guys!

But of course this question also affects all other locales, as we assume that you guys want to do a lot more internal and external QA work on your localizations than you did for the alpha or betareleases. So we'd like to hear from all other locales as well.

We'd really appreciate a broad feedback from the l10n community here. Please remember, that this is the first major release for pretty much everyone, who is currently in a leadership position in the TB community. So we really need your feedback to make a good decision.

Please direct all your feedback to the discussion of this matter in the l10n newsgroup. That will make it much easier to track all your feedback

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