March 17, 2009

On the road to 55 locales

Seth recently blogged about Firefox reaching 70 supported locales. That's very impressive indeed.

So, some of you might ask, how is Thunderbird holding up?

The short answer: We're doing great!

The long answer: We're currently at 54 supported locales and are closing in on the 55th (Bengali). Within the last six months, we've added 10 locales:
  • Arabic
  • Estonian
  • Frisian
  • Galician
  • Indonesian
  • Icelandic
  • Albanian
  • Tamil
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

and more are on the way. If we manage to release Thunderbird 3 in all those 55 locales, we will have increased our locale outreach by 17 locales compared to Thunderbird 2.

This is really a critical pillar of Thunderbird's growth strategy, because it will enable us to compete with other mail applications in many parts of the World, where we couldn't compete before, because people could only download the English version.

I believe this also shows that the creation of Mozilla Messaging was a smart move, that has not only invigorated the mailnews developer community, but the localization community as well.

This wouldn't be possible without the drive and passion of all the individuals who are eager to translate Thunderbird into their native language. Thanks a lot, guys! We really appreciate your efforts!

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Anonymous said...

where can I find the l10n project for Vietnamese?