April 27, 2009

Thunderbird 3.0b3 schedule change

The Thunderbird developers have decided that there are enough blockers that aren't going to make it by tomorrow that beta3 (and therefore the string freeze as well) will have to be slipped by some number of weeks. By how many weeks is currently unclear. We'll hopefully know more within the next several days and expect to have a proposal soon...


Randy ® said...

So what did you come up with for when are you expecting to release 3 beta 3?

Paul said...

Release 3, beta 2 is working good!

When is release 3, beta 3 scheduled to be released?

Oliver said...

So, what's up here. It is a joke?

Why are nobody answer the posts from Randy and Paul? And now the spam comments sorry that's poor.

I hope that Thunderbird 3.0 development is continuing.

Thunderbird combined with lightning is a fine software for the daily private work. I use it daily.


Isaac said...

Please tell us when to expect the Beta 3...it is taking forever and no information is given.