July 23, 2009

Thunderbird localization page moved from wiki.mozilla.org to developer.mozilla.org

I just took the time to move the Thunderbird localization information from the wiki over to developer.mozilla.org. The new place to go to is:


I also used the opportunity to add a tiny bit of information and corrected a link. I hope this move makes this information more discoverable.

As always, if you think that there is something missing on that page or you find an error, feel free to edit page and add/correct the page.

July 22, 2009

New possibility to get l10n feedback for Thunderbird and Mailnews developers

We have a new hook for folks to get feedback on how to expose patches to Thunderbird localizers. We created a bugzilla account thunderbird@localization.bugs (alias is :tb-l10n), which interested localizers are going to follow. I for one do at least.

So when you have a bug and need input on how to localize it, you can now CC :tb-l10n (part of that accounts real name) instead of just me, and get feedback from a variety of different localizers.

If you're a localizer that's willing to help out our developers on creating good patches for l10n (or you just want to stay informed of interesting patches), please start watching thunderbird@localization.bugs by editing your mail preferences on bugzilla.

PS: Thunderbird localizers might find it interesting that I've updated the Thunderbird localization wiki with more information on how to get l10n-relevant information for Thunderbird.

Thunderbird 3 beta3 released in 43 languages

As Mozilla Messaging CTO Dan Mosedale points out, Thunderbird 3 beta3 was released a few hours ago in 43 languages. A big thanks to all the localizers who contributed to this.

There's a discussion over in the mozilla.dev.l10n newsgroup which tries to collect the good and the bad of this release from a localization perspective. I would be glad, if all interested localizers could join that discussion.

July 18, 2009

Localized release candidate builds of Thunderbird 3.0 beta3 are available

As Dan Mosedale points out the localization repacks for the first release candidate builds of 3.0 beta3 have been completed thanks to the great work of Gozer, the Mozilla Messaging build engineer.

Please check out the builds for your locale if you have the chance. We're particularly looking for folks who use POP to fetch their mail to give these builds a good once-over. That said, we'd very much appreciate all the testing help we can get.

If you do find bugs while testing, please mark them as blocking bug 489128. Thanks!

Assuming no show-stoppers are found, we hope to be able to release Thunderbird 3.0 beta3 on Tuesday, July 21st.

July 16, 2009

9 hours to go for beta3 localizations...

Our current status is that 37 locales have opted in so far with 9 hours to go until we start to produce our first localized candidate builds. At the moment five locales have not opted in yet even though they are green on the dashboard:
Indonesian, Polish, European Portuguese, Tamil and Vietnamese.

Hopefully these locales will still opt-in, although the Polish team has indicated that it might not want to participate in the beta3 release. Another hopeful candidate is the Dutch locale that misses just five strings. Hopefully they can make it as well for the beta3 release.

The other 11 locales have over a hundred untranslated strings and more, so it's unlikely, that they will be able to participate in the beta3 release.

One more note:
Even though we will actually freeze all localizations at 23:59 PST tonight, our build engineer Gozer will only start the builds when he gets to work tomorrow morning pacific time. So if you really can't make it within the next 9 hours, but are able to complete your localization shortly thereafter I will still accept opt-ins for a few hours after the communicated deadline.

July 15, 2009

All Thunderbird strings are now frozen for the Thunderbird 3 beta3 release

I just wanted to remind everyone that as of last night, Tuesday, July 14 at 23:59 PST, the firm code and string freeze went into effect. That means that all strings are now entirely frozen until we release Thunderbird 3 beta3.

As of now 15 locales have already opted-in to be part of this release. An additional 19 locales are green (meaning that they have no missing strings in their localization) on our l10n dashboard and will hopefully opt-in soon. Hopefully even more will follow so that Thunderbird 3 beta3 will be the largest release in terms of the number of localized versions ever.

Please remember that we are planning to accept localizations up until tomorrow Thursday, July 16 23:59 PST. So please opt-in for the beta3 release until then. You can opt-in in the corresponding opt-in thread in the mozilla.dev.l10n newsgroup.

July 10, 2009

New Thunderbird 3 beta3 release schedule for localizers

The Thunderbird developers have finally finalized the release schedule for Thunderbird beta3. Here it is (All dates use time of 23:59 PST - l10n-relevant dates are bold):
  • Slushy String freeze date: 2009-07-02 (Thursday)
  • Slushy Code Freeze date: 2009-07-07 (Tuesday)
  • Firm String / Code freeze date: 2009-07-14 (Tuesday)
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze date: 2009-07-16 (Thursday)
  • Target Build Ship date: 2009-07-21 (Tuesday)
I apologize for this late announcement (the first two dates have already passed by), but I was away on vacation last week and started this week in a new job, so I'm quite busy at the moment. Thankfully Mark Banner already posted this announcement in the mozilla.dev.l10n newsgroup back on July 1st. So hopefully most of you already knew about this. I hope you can still manage to bring your locale in shape.

As with our beta2 release, these dates have the following goals:
  • All string-related work should done by the slushy string freeze date
  • All other code-related work plus the late-string work should ideally be done by the slushy code freeze date
  • The firm freeze date will be for fixing remaining bugs and regressions found in the nightlies
  • The l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 date would be the last time by which we would accept changes in localizations
  • Late string changes will require an additional approval by the beta3 release driver Dan Mosedale (dmose on IRC)

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to respond here.