July 16, 2009

9 hours to go for beta3 localizations...

Our current status is that 37 locales have opted in so far with 9 hours to go until we start to produce our first localized candidate builds. At the moment five locales have not opted in yet even though they are green on the dashboard:
Indonesian, Polish, European Portuguese, Tamil and Vietnamese.

Hopefully these locales will still opt-in, although the Polish team has indicated that it might not want to participate in the beta3 release. Another hopeful candidate is the Dutch locale that misses just five strings. Hopefully they can make it as well for the beta3 release.

The other 11 locales have over a hundred untranslated strings and more, so it's unlikely, that they will be able to participate in the beta3 release.

One more note:
Even though we will actually freeze all localizations at 23:59 PST tonight, our build engineer Gozer will only start the builds when he gets to work tomorrow morning pacific time. So if you really can't make it within the next 9 hours, but are able to complete your localization shortly thereafter I will still accept opt-ins for a few hours after the communicated deadline.

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