July 22, 2009

New possibility to get l10n feedback for Thunderbird and Mailnews developers

We have a new hook for folks to get feedback on how to expose patches to Thunderbird localizers. We created a bugzilla account thunderbird@localization.bugs (alias is :tb-l10n), which interested localizers are going to follow. I for one do at least.

So when you have a bug and need input on how to localize it, you can now CC :tb-l10n (part of that accounts real name) instead of just me, and get feedback from a variety of different localizers.

If you're a localizer that's willing to help out our developers on creating good patches for l10n (or you just want to stay informed of interesting patches), please start watching thunderbird@localization.bugs by editing your mail preferences on bugzilla.

PS: Thunderbird localizers might find it interesting that I've updated the Thunderbird localization wiki with more information on how to get l10n-relevant information for Thunderbird.

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