September 14, 2009

17 hours to go for Thunderbird 3.0 beta 4 localizations...

Our current status is that 28 locales have opted in so far with a little bit less than 17 hours to go until we start to produce our first localized candidate builds. At the moment eight locales have not opted in yet even though they are green on the dashboard.

Hopefully these locales will still opt-in and more will join the ride. If that does not happen I will take all locales, which are green or orange on the dashboard and the l10n tinderboxen into this release to give localizers maximum test exposure before the final release, unless I'm explicitly forbidden to do so by a localizer for his locale.

One more note:
Even though we will actually freeze all localizations at 23:59 PST tonight, our build engineer will only start the builds when he gets to work tomorrow morning pacific time. So if you really can't make it within the next 17 hours, but are able to complete your localization shortly thereafter I will still accept your changes for a few hours after the communicated deadline.

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Jeferson said...

pt-BR in progress. :o)