September 30, 2009

Thunderbird strings are now frozen for Thunderbird 3.0

I just wanted to remind everyone that as of last night, Tuesday, September 29 at 23:59 PST, we're are now string frozen for the final release of Thunderbird 3.0.

Since the beta4 release one week ago, we have added 178 and removed 63 strings. More detailed information for each locale can be found on the localization dashboard for Thunderbird 3.0.

We currently do not expect to have more string updates/additions/removals, but if those arise the rules described on the Thunderbird l10n guide are binding for each developer.

We do not have a firm release date set for our first release candidate, but localizers should expect a minimum of 4 weeks time before the first release candidate will be made public. I will open up an opt-in thread in the newsgroup soon.


Fjoerfoks said...

We already see people eagerly trying the new version and the most heard complaint is that there isn't a localized version of Lightning.
Any idea on this?

Simon said...

I'll get together with the Lightning lead developer this weekend on MozCamp Europe 09 in Prague. We'll discuss Lightning issues there.

Fjoerfoks said...

OK, see you there then :)