January 18, 2010

Adding more locales for Thunderbird 3.0

As mentioned during the release announcement of Thunderbird 3, we missed the 50 locales mark by just one locale. The main reason for that was, that three of the locales that had supported us for the Thunderbird 2 release 2.5 years ago (Danish, Macedonian and Slovenian) didn't have the resources to localize Thunderbird in time for the final release.

Fortunately I can now report, that two of those three locales (Danish and Slovenian) have recruited new talent for their localization teams:
  • The Danish team has been able to recruit about half a dozen volunteers, who have been really hard at work during the weeks after the Thunderbird 3 release, tackling over 2000 unlocalized strings, removing hundreds of obsolete strings and doing lots of QA work after the initial localization work was finished. They will already be part of our upcoming Thunderbird 3.0.1 maintenance release, which will be out on Wednesday.
  • The Slovenian team has recruited one new team member, who is also working through over 2000 unlocalized strings, though at a smaller pace for obvious reasons. I currently hope to add Slovenian as a supported locale for the second maintenance release, Thunderbird 3.0.2.
Each of these locales (as well as the 48 others, that already were part of the Thunderbird 3 release) would certainly welcome each interested person, who is willing to help. If you want to help, hop over to the list of l10n teams and contact the team leader.

There are various ways where help is needed and you can also help if your English isn't good enough to do the actual translation work by proofreading the translations or doing QA work (e.g. checking keyboard shortcuts). Each effort is very much appreciated and you could make a difference for thousands of people in your country and around the world.

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