January 21, 2010

The barrier has been broken - Thunderbird 3.0.1 has been released in 50 languages

Yesterday we released Thunderbird 3.0.1 into the wild, our first security and stability release.

What makes this release so special is that we released TB 3.0.1 in 50 languages, thanks to the huge efforts of the Danish l10n community.

In this release, the Danish builds are released as "beta", but this is really just a precaution on our side and not necessarily an indicator of the localization quality of the Danish builds. It is our policy to let localizations go through a beta cycle, in most cases along the beta cycle of the product itself. If a localization is late-in-coming, we'll be releasing it for at least one release in "beta" state and move it to the final state, if we do not hear any major complaints from the local community.

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Ludvig said...

I think there should be some flexibility regarding the beta label.

In this case the new Danish team was not new to translating Mozilla products (I am the owner of Sunbird/Lightning and KompoZer), and several of the others have experience translating addons.

We also have had more proof readers than ever before for any Danish Mozilla product.

It was very disappointing to see our hard work being labelled as beta, when it is the best Danish translation to date of Thunderbird. Besides translation of the many new strings, we corrected a lot of errors in the old translation.

So now we have to tell the many new people that helped: Sorry, you can't dowload the result of your work from the download page - you have to get the beta. Not the best way to reward them.

And we have to tell ordinary users not to be afraid of downloading a beta.

I hope you will reconsider the policy regarding the beta label. I know it is too late for us, but maybe others will be in a similar situation. Don't treat experienced translators the same as beginners.