April 30, 2010

Feedback wanted - Thunderbird 3.1 RC1 schedule

The Thunderbird developers have asked me to forward this to you and to ask for FEEDBACK. So if you have a problem with the proposed schedule, PLEASE speak up.
Based on where we are with blockers etc, the Thunderbird drivers have proposed a schedule for getting to RC 1. The schedule is challenging, but we believe it is a good starting point.

We would like to get feedback from those with blockers, and others on their thoughts for this schedule:
  • Code freeze: could be anywhere between 10th and 14th May
    probably 13th or 14th May.
  • L10n completion: 16th May 23:59 PDT (end of day Sunday)
  • Build Starts: 17th May (Monday)
  • QA starts: 18th May (Tuesday)
  • RC1 release: 25th May (Tuesday)
This gives us about 2 weeks to be code complete, including addressing feedback from beta 2.
That schedule would give you little less than 2.5 weeks for additional translation and l10n QA work. Is that enough? If not, please speak up here in the l10n newsgroup.

April 28, 2010

Extension of l10n sign-in deadline for Thunderbird 3.1 beta2

We've been discussing the l10n status of the TB 3.1 beta2 release internally. We have come to the conclusion, that due to the high number of late-l10n checkins, we need to extend the l10n sign-in deadline by three days. That should give localizers more time to adequately test their localization.

Therefore the new sign-in deadline is: Thursday April 29th 23:59, pacific time

Please use the new sign-in functionality in the l10n dashboard to become part of this release with your latest revision.

April 20, 2010

String freeze for Thunderbird 3.1 beta2 and Thunderbird 3.1 (final release) was yesterday (April 20 2010)

I just wanted to remind everyone, that the string freeze for Thunderbird 3.1 beta2 and the Thunderbird 3.1 final release went into effect yesterday, Tuesday April 20 at 23:59 PST.

I am planning to accept sign-ins up until Monday April 26th pacific time for the beta2 release. For the final release the sign-in period will be a few weeks longer. I can't tell you at the moment how long, but expect at least 4-5 more weeks.

Please use the new sign-in functionality in the l10n dashboard to become part of these releases. Currently you can only sign-in for the 3.1 beta2 release. I'll open up the sign-in possibility for the final release soon.

Four bugs didn't make it in time for the string freeze. Those are bug 545469, bug 545955, bug 505035 and bug 394687. I've added the late-l10n keyword to all those bugs and asked the responsible developers to inform the l10n community once those strings have landed.